Please refer to the following directions to complete credential application:

  • Download and print the Application Checklist for reference.
  • Download, print, and complete the Application. Please be sure to sign and date the Application.
  • Review the credential descriptions/requirements and choose the level of credentialing you are applying for and complete the related application.
  • Download and print all three Reference Forms and give to your three chosen references.
  • Read all accompanying documents.
    • AACC Doctrinal Statement Document.
    • AACC Counselor Code of Ethics Document.
    • Attestation Form Document.
    • Application Agreement Protocol Document.
    • Renewal and Continuing Education Guidelines.

    And check the appropriate box on the application indicating your responses to each form. (Do not send the documents with application).

  • Collect all three of the completed reference forms (in sealed envelopes) and include with the Application, along with all other pertinent documentation – (copies of licenses if required, education transcripts, copies of liability insurance, certificates of completion of courses taken, ordination documents, etc.).
  • Write a check for the amount of $199.00 made out to AACC, and mail the Application packet with reference forms, pertinent documents and mail to the address on bottom of check list.
  • Remember to make a copy of the Application for your records.

Application Download

Board Certified
Professional Christian Counselor


Application Download

Board Certified
Christian Counselor


Application Download

Board Certified
Pastoral Counselor

Application Download

Board Certified
Bibical Counselor